HARD ON enforces a very strict dress code of rubber leather uniform skin gear sports kit or just your boots! No plain jeans or trackies!

LEATHER: Leather vests, leather jeans, chaps, shorts, harnesses etc. You can wear blue jeans under your chaps but a pair of plain jeans with a leather vest is not acceptable.

RUBBER: Shorts, chaps, vest, fully covered.

UNIFORM: Police, Fire Service, Military Uniform, Sailors etc…. If you come in uniform, then you must wear the entire outfit. If you wish to combine uniform with other clothing, then mix it with dark clothing or rubber and leather. Army/Cargo pants by themselves is not OK, add harnesses, armbands and other leather accessories to sex it up. Fashion clothing with a UNIFORM LOOK does not constitute a uniform. This must all be in combination with appropriate footwear…no trainers.

SKIN GEAR: By Skin, we mean the “typical” SKIN LOOK, ALWAYS in combination with the appropriate boots. Polo T-shirts (like Fred Perry) are fine, but not fashion styled. Braces, bleaches and cropped hair is 5art of the skin look, and always boots such as rangers & DMs.

NAKED: You must have footwear and it cannot be any kind of fashion shoe, trainers or sports shoes. Stick to boots.

SPORTSWEAR: Footie gear, baseball. wrestling outfits, jockstraps, rugby…any full sports kit outfit…you can only wear trainers with the appropiate sports kit.

NO WAY: You will not be allowed to enter if you are wearing plain jeans, like blue denim or G-Star. Trainers, any kind of sporting foot wear (except with sports kit), flip-flops etc are not acceptable. Stick to Boots. Dress and work shoes are also not acceptable.

HARD ON is a fetish club where people can engage in their fetishes with like minded people. Those who do not make an effort or who are not in appropriate gear will not be allowed entry. We have two cloak rooms and changing areas, so you may be asked before entry what you intend to wear. Once inside the club the promoter may ask you to leave without refund if you are not in appropriate fetish gear. Our dress code rules are there to create one of the most unique atmospheres where fetish lovers of all kind can come together to dance and play.