HARD ON is currently located at PROTOCOL

6a South Lambeth Place, Vauxhall, SW8 1SP

Protocol is located in Vauxhall, London (Zone 1) and is easily accessible by public transport.


Vauxhall is on the Victoria Line (zone 1). Exit the station via Exit 1,  Protocol is about 20 metres just under the arch tunnel. A tube map is available from the TFL website.

The Vauxhall under ground is also on the night tube which runs 24 hours.

National Rail

Vauxhall Mainline Rain Station is located next to the Tube and Bus Stations. Vauxhall is on the line between Clapham Junction & Waterloo.


Vauxhall Bus Station is located next to the Tube and mainline Rail Station. The following buses run through Vauxhall (N indicates night buses): 2, 36, 77, 88, 87, 156, 185, 196, 344, 360, 436, N2, N36, N344 and N87. A bus route map and night bus route map are avilable from the TFL website.


Follow signs to Vauxhall. Note that the road system immediately surrounding the Hoist is on a red route.

Taxi rank located outside Fire and taxi supervisors operate outside The Hoist for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.