On Gay Pride Night Hard On Teamed up with SportzBolt to present Hardboltz at London’s Hoist. Taking over the whole venue, Hardboltz put the kinky into Pride with a packed club of sexy and dirty fetish guys. The sexy soundtrack was provided by Hard On’s Brent Nicholls and direct from Amsterdam DJRW.


This review appeared in QX Magazine about Hard On’s May 2016 party at Union, the last one at Union for the time being, as the club takes a break while searching for another venue.

The Hostess with the mostness born of rubber and kink, Suzi Krueger’s nightime visions are full of darkness and sin, however, these visions aren’t nightmares, but very wet dreams.

Hard On celebrates it’s final use of club UNION in Vauxhall with a sportswear party that had us all working up quite a sweat! Beautiful boys, masc men, and some dangerously hot porn stars brought that lycra vibe which got our muscles pumping harder and harder while sexy sounds from DJ Brent Nicholls and Tony Bruno kept the rhythm going.

Every dream has a good bit, and this became one we’d never forget with the sight of no less than six porn stars putting on one of hell of a show on the stage space. Fists were going somewhere, and it wasn’t in the air! We’re looking forward to another Wetdream on Hard On Street when Hard On Sexcircus hots up at FIRE on Saturday 28th of May.



During Easter Saturday 2016 London’s infamous dirty dance club HARD ON went north to team up with Manchester’s own fetish infamy ALERT to create one large horny fetish experience.

Three floors of perviness came together bringing the sexy south to the naughty north.

Suzie Kruger, London’s own queen of sleaze gave the Alert boys a taste of how we do it in London, while the Manchester lads (and few Londoners) explored the dark rooms, playrooms, dungeon and got down and dirty on the dancefloor. Pete “FreeRunner” Simpson & London’s Brent Nicholls provided the cock sucking and ass fucking beats.

Thank you to Alert for these images taken at the event.